Nubik Coronavirus
Response Pack

For Field Service Lightning

Defeating Covid-19 one service appointment at a time.

As companies reopen, managers are called upon to make changes to the way they deliver their services. They need to be sensitive to the health of both their employees and their customers. Organizations wishing to demonstrate leadership in customer service must pay attention to details that will make a difference in the competitive landscape. This is where Nubik’s Coronavirus Response Pack for Field service lightning users comes into play.

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This app is built on the trusted Salesforce platform and a complement to the app suite.

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Field Technician icon

Field Technician

Employee Wellness Check
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Post-Service Survey
Live Video Support

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Preferred Field Service Operating Hours
Risk Evaluation for Helping with Prioritization
Virtual Remote Appointment Scheduling

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Crisis Supervision Dashboard

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Customer Support Specialist

Customer Wellness Check


Here’s how we help our customers gain service performance


We facilitate your setup and help you create personalized and relevant engagements with your customers, all while gathering important customer information for your sales team.

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Process Improvement

Our team will suggest the best solutions to improve every touchpoint in the customer service process. Then we provide workshops that will empower your service team and give them the necessary tools to execute their roles.

Process Improvement with Service Cloud

Love Is All They Need ♡

Ultimately, we improve the experience for your customers, agents, and managers. Whether your service team is one person or spread out in multiple global locations, Nubik can help you make each and every customer feel valued.

love is all they need with service cloud