Industry 4.0 is moving fast

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ebook - Industry 4.0 is moving fast

Digital Transformation for Manufacturers: Challenges and Opportunities

This eBook will look at the challenges faced by North American manufacturers, as well as the business opportunities that come from this time of change (aka Industry 4.0). In suggesting the different means of addressing them—whether through personnel, processes, technology or business models—we will draw from some of the leading research and literature on the subject, providing you with a concise, actionable understanding of how to move your organisation forward.

This eBook includes tools for evaluating your organisation’s situation and preparedness for digital transformation as well as proposing some next steps and technologies that will support them.

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What We’ll Cover in this eBook

  • Introduction
  • The challenges of manufacturing in this era of change
  • A revolution in thinking and doing
  • Addressing the challenge
  • The importance of iteration
  • Technologies
    • Data capture, storage, and propagation
    • Workflow automation
    • Instrumentation and the Industrial Internet of Things
    • Big data
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Technologies
    • Cloud computing
    • Security
    • Robotics
    • GPS
    • Additive manufacturing (3D printing)
    • Augmented reality
    • Blockchain
  • Readiness for industry 4.0
  • Next steps on the road to digital transformation