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ebook - ERP and CRM integration strategies for manufacturers

ERP and CRM integration strategies for manufacturers

As manufacturers seek to gain or enhance their competitive edge—including the development and roll-out of new business models and value chains—there has been a massive shift towards integrating enterprise resource productivity (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and other enterprise information systems. This shift existed prior to COVID-19, but the current situation in 2020 has only sped up this transformation. In addition to providing a holistic view of the customer across all phases of the purchasing cycle, integrated systems offer real-time visibility of sales, production, and support activities, and provide critical support for business forecasting.

Integrating ERP and CRM systems together—the focus of this eBook—is made easier by the arrival of web and cloud services as well as the availability of pre-built modules, written by the different solution vendors, for connecting the most popular ERP and CRM packages.


What We’ll Cover in this eBook

  • A changing business environment
  • Technology packages
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
    • Technical challenges
    • Operating challenges
  • Integration scenarios and levels of integration
    • Scenarios
    • Levels of integration
  • Initial approach to integrating with any ERP system
  • Technical considerations
    • Infor Syteline
    • SAP
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Integration strategy
    • Layers of integration
  • Going forward