The Journey towards Field Service Excellence for Manufacturers

What it means to offer a seamless
customer experience in the era of Industry 4.0

The Journey towards Field Service Excellence for Manufacturers

In the following eBook we discuss the nature and importance of field services, the business dynamic behind field services, the status quo and the pains associated with it, the individual field service activities, and the challenges and opportunities in providing field service excellence.

From scheduling field workers to managing customer expectations and delivering customer service excellence, field services in many manufacturers and tech hardware companies are ripe for innovation.

There has never been a better time to go from broken, disjointed field service processes that leave customers wanting better to a seamless customer experience powered by process automation, shared data stores, always-on internet access, mobile applications, and connected devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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What We’ll Cover in this eBook

  • What are field services?
  • Importance of field services
  • Business dynamic
  • The status quo: a series of unconnected processes
  • The status quo is painful
  • Field service activities
  • Challenges in providing field services
  • Opportunities in field service
  • Conclusion