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If there has been a single constant in the world of business for the last 4-5 years, it has been the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, there is a widely held “fear of missing out” (or FOMO) for artificial intelligence, of missing the … MORE >>

Disruptions and major transformation are on the agenda Anyone involved in the professional services industry already knows that their companies are now facing a host of challenges, and that their sector is undergoing a major transformation which is disrupting the traditional way of working. This industry will… MORE >>

Digital Transformation is inevitable for any business aiming to maintain or scale its foothold in its current market. We at Nubik take this reality to heart and pride ourselves on helping organizations rapidly reach their goals of improving their digital tools and processes. In many cases … MORE >>

As we enter a new year, many manufacturing companies are looking at how they can further embrace the digital revolution and continue to overcome growth challenges. Our recommendation is to build a key foundation for smart manufacturing with Rootstock ERP, software that leverages the Salesforce … MORE >>