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Financial Management software by FinancialForce combines the power of the Salesforce Platform to automate your financial operations in the cloud. Leveraging data that already exists in your Salesforce CRM, Financial Management consolidates multiple systems into one, giving you complete insight and control into your organization’s financial business.

Whether you are a CFO, Controller, Operations Executive or Sales Executive, FinancialForce breaks down barriers between departments, bringing together the front and back office for a single view of your business.

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Accounting and Finance


See across the business in real time. Streamline and automate operations and reporting.

Revenue Management


Automate complex recognition calculations and adhere to ever-evolving revenue standards.

Spend Management


Control cost, enforce buying policies, limit contract leakage and improve negotiating.

Inventory Management


Simplify, optimize and leverage your inventory data across your organization.

Nubik services

Smart Start

Financial Management software is designed for quick implementation into your business operations. Our customer-centered approach means our consultants guide you through a value-driven business analysis and deployment schedule, aimed at helping you migrate your financial management to the cloud.

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Once the software has been deployed, our team of business consultants, applications specialists and developers, are available for ongoing consultation or system configuration to further align the performance system according to ongoing business evolution. We will guide you through the latest Salesforce features, user adoption, custom reports and more.

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Deploying Financial Management software is just the beginning. Our team of certified Salesforce platform experts are positioned to help you explore the range of possibilities. Our applications developers can create custom objects, workflows, or even identify and implement other pre-built apps to improve your productivity with the Salesforce platform.

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Why nubik

In addition to being certified in platform configuration and deployment, our consultants have served client-side using ERP, financial management software and the Salesforce platform on a daily basis. We understand the need for an easy-to-use system that addresses operational realities. Experience with the Salesforce platform is coupled with FinancialForce best practices to ensure that your deployment is efficient and takes full advantage of system interactivity.

  • Track record of successful ERP deployments
  • FinancialForce best practice methodologies
  • Senior product managers

  • Expertise in all FinancialForce products
  • Certified Salesforce team will ensure efficient system interoperability

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Combine the power of the Salesforce Platform with Cloud-based Accounting

Download this ebook and learn why accounting is so much better on the Salesforce Platform.

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