Financial Services

Growing your share of customer wallet

Nowadays, financial services organizations are challenged to succeed in a changing landscape marked by regulatory reform, disruptive technology, and new service delivery channels.

With a host of new “fintech” competitors powered by online distribution and artificial intelligence-based automated investing, established business models and customer relationships are being upended. Financial services organisations will succeed in preserving their customer bases—as well as their share of customer wallet—by deepening their client relationships to generate new insights and by providing new opportunities to engage customers.

“Financial services organizations have exciting opportunities to grow their share of customer wallet, thanks to Nubik’s cloud-based solutions.”


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The leading platform for customer relationship management and sales force automation from Salesforce.

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The AI-powered service platform for providing a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.


The B2B marketing automation platform for nourishing leads and delivering measurable marketing ROI.

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Financial Management, the complete solution from FinancialForce for accounting, billing, revenue recognition, and inventory management.


The electronic signature capture solution that accelerates the Order-to-Cash cycle.


The complete document management solution, including product documentation, contracts, and reports.

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Professional Services Automation, the complete solution from FinancialForce for resource and talent management, time and expenses, and billing.

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Mapping, routing, and territory management fully integrated with Salesforce. Track vehicles, workers, and field assets.

Custom Application Development

Deploy cloud-based apps on Heroku or, integrating capabilities from leading software vendors.


alexandre leclerc, POKA's CEO testimonial with Nubik
Kim Blackburn, disher, testimonial with Nubik

Still not convinced, or just curious to know more about how Nubik translates the promise of cloud-based technologies performance into greater share of customer wallet?

Here’s what we have to say.

It’s one thing to say ‘yes’ to digital technology and another to formulate a plan to roll it out in a company.


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Nubik’s approach features a series of workshops where we jointly discover your unique business processes, challenges, and opportunities to leverage Digital technologies.

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At the end of the day, our experts will always be providing concise, actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward.

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