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Automate your service operations

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As of February 3, 2022

Manage people, customers, projects, and financials in one integrated application. 

FinancialForce Professional Services Cloud offers unique insight into your service operations and delivery by leveraging the power of Salesforce to keep projects on time, and reports up-to-date with easy-to-use mobile and social solutions.

Migrate resource management and boost your productivity

Our consultants are ready to guide you through a value-driven business analysis and deployment schedule. We can create custom objects, workflows, or even identify and implement other pre-built apps to improve your productivity with the Salesforce platform.

Follow best practices with the latest features

Following deployment, our business consultants, applications specialists, and developers will align system performance according to your ongoing business evolution.

Bridge the Gap between Your Financials and the Field

Field Fuse is a service we offer to implement Salesforce Field Service with FinancialForce to help you resolve service calls quickly, boost productivity and gain insights into costs and revenue.

Gain visibility across operations

Give your team the tools to oversee a variety of tasks and avoid the hidden inefficiencies of typical field service, including: lengthy invoicing procedures, lack of inventory management, or scheduling complexities.

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Extending Oversight Across Operations
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Connecting Operations and Management
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Processing 50x More Requests Per Day
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Print Formatter is a standalone app that you can use to create design formats for printing sales invoices, credit notes, remittance advice, and checks that can be completed with data from FinancialForce ERP Cloud. Essentially, it consists of a canvas onto which you can add the fields you want to…
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Transforming Project Delivery with FinancialForce PS Cloud
As a professional services organization, project management is core to Nubik’s business processes. FinancialForce Professional Services (PS) Cloud, or Professional Services Automation (PSA) stood out from the crowd, and was quickly identified as our go-to. We’ve listed here the main areas of how we use the system to increase our…
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4 Reasons Why You Should Connect Field Service to FinancialForce
There are many reasons businesses decide to digitize operations. Some of these are financial, practical, or based on popular and proven trends. Connecting Salesforce Field Service to a top-level enterprise PSA such as FinancialForce is a tried and true method of driving your business’s digital transformation. We call it: Field…
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