Working with Nubik is a great experience, from a technical standpoint and also on a personal level. The team is very open and friendly; we’ve built a great relationship with them over the years.

~ Francois Marineau

Vice President Operations and Field Services

Accedian is one of the leading suppliers of network performance monitoring equipment. Since 2005, their products have been adopted by network providers all over the world, for cellular, enterprise and even private network providers. Their products are used by the providers to monitor network performance, giving unprecedented visibility and actionable insights that they can use to reach peak reliability and quality of service.

In the early days, the company built a Salesforce VisualForce system to manage their manufacturing test results. As the company grew, they also needed a CRM system to help them manage a growing business.  With 90% of their business coming from outside Canada, they wanted a cloud-based CRM that was accessible 24/7, anywhere in the world. Running a business by calling Asia at 2 in the morning to pass spreadsheets back and forth was not an effective plan for growth.

Salesforce easily met their requirements. The next step was deciding whether to implement using in-house resources or find a partner.

As an innovative, high-tech company, it would be easy to think that they could manage CRM internally. However, Accedian recognized the value of working with a skilled and knowledgeable partner who truly understood how to drive the maximum efficiency from the platform for the most efficient results.

Accedian is a very innovative, creative company and they knew that with Salesforce, anything was possible. They needed a partner that would bring them where they wanted to go. With a team local in Montreal, that also spoke French, Nubik was an obvious candidate. But it was the technical expertise and Salesforce partner status that made Nubik the right fit.

Working hand-in-hand, Accedian began their Salesforce journey. They took a crawl-walk-run approach where phase one was to configure the system to manage opportunities, quoting, and price books. In these early days, Nubik rolled up their sleeves and took the time to dig in and understand what Accedian wanted, and how they wanted to do it.

Once they had achieved their first milestone, they set out on a long term plan to build a more complete system. Along the way, they invested in configuration, not custom development, to ensure future state accessibility. At the same time, they embarked on a program of continuous improvement, to integrate automation and other efficiencies to keep the system lean and user friendly.

Over the following 4 years, the relationship between the two companies deepened to one of ongoing administrative support as well as special projects. Although Accedian has an in-house Salesforce Administration team, they balance their internal resources with Nubik’s expertise to get the most out of the system. With three Salesforce releases each year, they turn to Nubik to implement the new features.

Working with Nubik has become a regular activity, sometimes as often as bi-weekly, when new projects are being launched. There is a mutual professionalism and transparency that make this relationship a success. Accedian knows they can count on Nubik to get the job done quickly, and efficiently, and there is open communication on both sides to ensure the success of everything they work on.

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