Human Capital

Comprehensive Talent Management
Integrated with the Salesforce platform

Your most expensive asset is your people. Human Capital Management (HCM) is all about people and FinancialForce’s HCM is a people-centric solution that manages all your worker data in one place. It’s a comprehensive system that allows you the visibility, control and flexibility you need to manage a dynamic workplace.

FinancialForce’s Human Capital Management software brings efficiency to every aspect from Hire-to-Retire. Every piece of the Human Resources spectrum – from benefits and compensation, onboarding, absences and vacations, career and performance management – are all within easy reach, and secure.

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 FinancialForce’s HCM lives natively on the Salesforce App Cloud and provides the ease-of-use and data security you know and trust.

 Manage your global workforce across type, status or location.

Configure the human resources management app to your specific processes and needs.

Automate workflows and notifications to reduce data entry and paperwork.

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We’ll help you with mapping to your preferred payroll vendor to have all data flowing smoothly from one source. Legacy data is migrated safely and efficiently, to reduce your business downtime. Rather than having separate systems for compensation, talent management, and recruiting, learn just one interface. We quickly bring you up to speed using a series of hands-on workshops. Your team will be confidently using the system in no time.

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Deploying Human Capital Management is just the beginning. Our team of certified Salesforce platform experts are positioned to help you explore the range of possibilities. Our applications developers can create custom objects, workflows, or even identify and implement other pre-built apps to improve your productivity with the Salesforce platform. Have you considered Financial Management, Professional Services Automation, or other apps? We can help you evaluate which ones are right for you.

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Why nubik

Nubik is a people-centered company that understands the value of HCM in an organization. Combined with our deep knowledge and experience with the Salesforce platform, we have a 360 degree view of all aspects of business and understand how to put you on the right path towards efficiency and growth. In addition, our expertise in Change Management means we know how to make the transition from legacy systems and move into the future with the cloud that much smoother.

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