Nowadays … Everybody’s talking about the 4th industrial revolution. Aren’t you?

However, only a few seem to know how to translate the promise of Industry 4.0 into greater profits.

We do! Our customers too!

4.0 Manufacturing Event

October 24th From 9am to 2pm
Hôtel Alt Quartier DIX30

As a manufacturer, you are probably already facing one (or more) of these challenges:

  • Distribution channels and profit margins are collapsing due to ferocious online competition
  • Skilled resources are becoming even more rare
  • Products are being commoditized faster than ever.

Still, it’s one thing to say ‘yes’ to 4.0 digital technology, yet another to formulate a plan to roll it out in your organization



“You know that the status quo is no longer an option
in this era of uncertainty, where potential threats to fall by
the wayside is just around the corner.”

We help manufacturers digitally transform their business successfully by leveraging Rootstock ERP software powered by the Salesforce platform.

The good news is … our clients are ready to share their transformation experience with you.

Our experts will also be present at this event, providing actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward.


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(Bilingual Event)

Opening Keynote
Industry 4.0: Less Questioning – More action! |
9h00 to 9h30

  • How manufacturers are digitally transforming their business successfully
  • Need to provide concise, actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward

Manufacturers leading the adoption of Industry 4.0 | 9h30 to 10h15

  • Customer panel talking about their challenges and how we helped them succeed



Accedian is one of the leading suppliers of network performance monitoring equipment. Since 2005, their products have been adopted by network providers all over the world, for cellular, enterprise and even private network providers. Their products are used by the providers to monitor network performance, giving unprecedented visibility and actionable insights that they can use to reach peak reliability and quality of service.

Adama USA

Adama is a leading global manufacturer and distributor worldwide supplying efficient solutions to farmers across the full farming value chain, including crop-protection, novel agricultural technologies, and complementary non-crop businesses.


ScentAir is the largest and most experienced scent provider in the world with 100,000 deployments of their products in more than 100 countries. They are a B2B company that operates several global offices and use both direct to customer and distributor-based sales channels depending on geography. They provide many types of devices to dispense scent in a variety of applications and sales of the scents for the devices are sold on a subscription basis.

*We are currently completing the final selection of our participating manufacturers. The final composition of the panel could change.

10h15-10h30 Break

4.0 performance drivers for manufacturers | 10h30 to 11h45

How to create real business value with Industry 4.0 technologies
Experts demonstrating the Nubik-Salesforce-Rootstock conceptual framework and its performance drivers for Industry 4.0

  • Rootstock – Your manufacturing process on Salesforce. Thought leadership + quick demo
  • FSL – Field services in many manufacturers are ripe for innovation

11h45-12h45 Lunch

To each its own 4.0 revolution | 12h45 to 13h15

  • Stelpro success story > Reseller, bill-to, ship-to, agents. How to best structure your Accounts in Salesforce to keep track of everything!
  • Innovmetric success story > Nubik’s team of experts explaining in detail what the project was with a focus on success factors for such a project

Closing keynote | 13h15 to 13h45

  • ERP / CRM integration > Strategies and best practices to improve your ability to compete

At the end of the day, you won’t be stalled in endless questioning like “How prepared is your organisation for digital transformation, or, what is your level of Industry 4.0 readiness?

This is a unique opportunity to start
moving in the right direction.