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Manufacturers face a growing list of challenges in how they do business. Distribution channels and profit margins are collapsing due to ferocious online competition, skilled resources are becoming harder to find, and products are being commoditized faster than ever. In response, manufacturers have no other choice but to embrace digital transformation if they want to make it through COVID-19 and the 4th industrial revolution.

Success in manufacturing remains the result of relentless focus on costs in the face of the need for differentiation and the ability to respond quickly to meet new competitors. This ability to be agile and to innovate is enhanced by cloud-based solutions provided by Nubik.


Digital transformation ROI (1st year average)
for our manufacturing clients


Salesforce CPQ (Configuration, Pricing, & Quoting) icon logo png

Automate your configure-price-quote and billing processes to quickly and easily build accurate quotes and close deals.

Rootstock ERP icon logo png

Rootstock offers the power of an integrated ERP solution on a single screen—including on mobile devices—while leveraging the familiar Salesforce user experience.

Salesforce FSL Field Service Lightning icon logo png

Leverage your Service Cloud data to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your field service personnel.

Salesforce Service Cloud icon logo png

The AI-powered service platform for providing a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.

Salesforce Sales Cloud icon logo png

The leading platform for customer relationship management and sales force automation from Salesforce.

Financialforce icon logo png

The complete solution from FinancialForce for accounting, billing, revenue recognition, and inventory management.

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Here’s our take on manufacturing:

It’s one thing to say ‘yes’ to 4.0 digital technology and another to formulate a plan to roll it out in a company.


Nubik’s approach features a series of workshops where we jointly discover your unique business processes, challenges, and opportunities to leverage Digital technologies.

At the end of the day, our experts will always be providing concise, actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward.

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Forward Thinking

Becoming an Industry 4.0 organization is about much more than technology. You will also need to consider your products, your business model, your personnel, and your organisational culture. In developing your plan to become an Industry 4.0 manufacturer, you may find it worthwhile to read our series of manufacturing blog posts.

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