Two Nubikians Are Taking on the World!

Two Nubikians Are Taking on the World! Remote work

Two Nubikians Are Taking on the World!

At Nubik, we care a lot about our employees’ happiness and we strongly support the personal and professional growth of each member of our staff. As a matter of fact, last September, our company was named on the 2018 list of Best Workplaces™ in Technology with the status of Great Place to Work Certified™ after a thorough and independent selection process.

To kick-off the new year, the implementation services provider for Salesforce and FinancialForce solutions has set its sight on a higher goal and will be piloting a new project in close collaboration with two of its employees. For a few months, two Nubikians will travel the world in search of new experiences and new discoveries, both on a personal and professional level, while continuing to perform their everyday tasks for Nubik.

This experiment is an opportunity for the two Nubikians to embrace diversity, to make new contacts and to build a network that could potentially become invaluable. It will also allow them to widen their horizons and to deepen their understanding of the customs and habits of the local populations.


« Nubik allows me to pursue my dreams while continuing to achieve my professional goals. »


« Working from home takes on a whole new meaning when ‘home’ becomes the whole planet! »


Will they be on vacation? Not quite! Nubik allows and promotes working from home, and this approach is deeply rooted in its operations. As a result, the two employees will be able to continue supporting Nubik’s customers despite the fact that they will be on the move. At each one of their destinations, everything is now in place to provide both Nubikians access to a professional, quiet and inspiring work space.

What about you, would you be willing to get out of your comfort zone and work remotely?