Katie Bussières Named as Finalist in the 2019 CEO of the Year Contest

Katie Bussières finaliste ceo of the year 2019

Katie Bussières Named as Finalist in the 2019 CEO of the Year Contest

The year has just begun and our President and CEO Katie Bussières has already been named as a contest finalist, this time for the prestigious 2019 CEO of the Year Award.

A joint initiative between the Association québécoise des technologies (AQT) and Investissement Québec (IQ), this contest has been created to recognize the exceptional leadership of an individual at the head of an IT company, leadership which in turn contributes to the influence and outreach of Quebec’s technology industry!

This year, the three happy finalists are Katie Bussières of Nubik, François Dion of Levio and Martin Roy of Christie Innomed. They have been selected by an independent jury made up of CEOs of various IT companies, as well as representatives of Investissement Québec and the AQT.

The winner will be unveiled during the CEO Vision Gala held on February 21st. The Gala attendees get to cast their vote, which in fact counts for 70% of the results, while the jury counts for 30%.

When asked how she is able to attract and retain the best talent in the industry during her interviews with several media such as Les Affaires, La Presse and RDI, Mrs. Bussières, who was awarded the 2017 Prix femmes d’affaires du Québec (Quebec’s Businesswomen Award), highlighted the fact that every one of Nubik’s 110 employees is working out of an entirely virtual office five days a week.

Bussières’ exemplary management model has in fact been recognized by several professional and government organizations. Incidentally, the Quebec government and Montreal’s Chamber of Commerce have both awarded her the recognition for Best Work-Life Balance.

Nubik Katie Bussière et Alexandre

Bussières became a business leader when she acquired the company in 2015. Since then, Nubik has seen its sales multiplied by four and grew its workforce from 40 to more than 110 employees. The Montreal provider of cloud-based business solutions powered by Salesforce is constantly seeking talented individuals to meet its rapidly growing needs.

A study has shown that the percentage of workers who say they do not have access to a quiet working environment allowing them to complete tasks where they need to focus has increased by 13%.

Employees can be much more productive when they have access to an autonomous work space free of distractions. Indeed, 86% of the respondents surveyed in another study confirmed that that they would be able to reach their optimal productivity level if they worked alone, mostly as a result of a lack of disruptions.

Working from home is at the heart of Bussières’ unique business model. While each employee is working out of a virtual office, proximity is facilitated through the use of video conversations, messaging and online meetings.

Her business is centered on individuals. By offering a three-week vacation, additional days off during the Holidays and a flexible work schedule to its devoted workforce, Nubik has shown that it is a company where work-life balance plays an important role.

Bussières reinstated her mission as follows: “When I was a teacher, my goal was to take someone from Point A and bring them to Point B,” she commented. “This is still what I am trying to achieve today by fostering employee growth and allowing them to excel.“

Below are a few highlights of the last four months:

September 2018 – Bussières completed Nubik’s first merger. The company acquired Idle Tools Corp., an American provider of Salesforce solutions based in Raleigh, North Carolina. This strategic decision has allowed the Montreal-based company to strengthen its footprint on the East Coast.

Did you know? Nubik exports 50% of its services outside Canada while continuing to manage its projects primarily from Quebec.

During the same month, the Montreal-based service organization CEO was invited to present her exemplary “work from home” business model to several high-ranking executives at Infopresse’s Marque-Employeur et marketing RH event.

October 2018 – For the second year in a row, Katie Bussières was named as a finalist for the Prix femmes d’affaires du Québec (Quebec Businesswomen Award). The year before, the Réseau des femmes d’affaires du Québec (Quebec’s Businesswomen Network) named her Entrepreneur of the Year.

November 2018 – Nubik was invited to present its best business practices at the Salon MPA (Best Business Practices Expo). The CEO also took advantage of the event to grant an interview to the La Presse newspaper.

December 2018 – In recognition of Bussières’ management in North America, Great Place to Work named Nubik as one of the Best Places to Work™ led by a woman. The 100% virtual business is also listed on Quebec’s Meilleurs lieux de travail™ (Best Places to Work) in IT.

For more information on the Nubik formula instigated by Katie Bussières and her team, you can watch her interview with Global News.