Katie Bussieres, Paving The Way for Women in IT

Katie Bussieres, Paving the Way for Women in It

Katie Bussieres, Paving The Way for Women in IT

As the president of Nubik, Katie Bussières is paving the path for women in the IT field. She is six months into participating in a 12-month mentorship program called, Women in IT. As women are often greatly outnumbered by men in IT careers, this is an amazing opportunity to both learn from and inspire other women in the field.

Sponsored by the Government of Canada’s Status of Women Canada, and run by the Association Quebecoise des Technologies (AQT), the goal of the program is to encourage more women in IT careers to move up into more senior positions, take charge of their professional development, and contribute to their economic development. Katie Bussieres was selected by a jury to be one of 12 candidates to be mentored over the course of the year.

The mentorship program was developed after a study of 250 male and female managers in the IT industry and the results were striking:

  • Compared to men, women managers were most commonly found in support roles, like administration or human resources.
  • Of those companies which have an employee development plan, only 2% had a specific focus on the development of female employees.
  • Half of the female managers (49%) earn less than $100 000 annually, compared to one quarter (25%) of men with the same responsibilities.

Other obstacles, on the other hand, show less of an obvious bias between males and females:

  • 25% of women consider work-life balance to be an obstacle (as do 28% of men)
  • 18% of women feel they have a lack of skill or knowledge (same for 19% of men)
  • 15% of women believe the work culture is a hindrance (18% of men believe the same)

Now six months into the program, the participants are fully engaged in the work and are building a toolbox of skills and know-how that will aid in their development. Interest in the program has grown as well, and AQT will continue to work on initiatives that support the careers of women in IT.

As a female president of an IT company, Katie Bussieres is doing all she can to tip the scales and motivate others to follow in her footsteps. Nubik is not just another great place to work. We stand out from the competition by always being ahead of the times.