Key Takeaway from This Year’s Opening Keynote at Dreamforce 2019

dreamforce '19 opening keynotes

Key Takeaway from This Year’s Opening Keynote at Dreamforce 2019

When Einstein comes around!

Nowadays, most households have at least one personal assistant such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Well, Salesforce introduces it’s very own Einstein smart speaker! “Hey Einstein, will I exceed my sales quota this quarter?” is just one example of what you can ask Einstein.

Even cooler is the fact that you can tailor the way Einstein responds to specific questions in order to meet the unique requirements of your organization. All of that in true Salesforce manner, meaning with clicks, not code.

Designed to sit on top of your conference room, Einstein voice is transforming how teams work together.

Based on the “conversation” you and your team have with Einstein, it can suggest to automatically create follow up tasks directly in your Salesforce instance.

Who would have thought that you could one day speak to Salesforce and it would answer back.

Einstein will also be at the core of service cloud, as we saw a live demo of how Einstein voice replaced a service agent outside business hours when a customer called to change an existing reservation.

One of the coolest innovations announced is Service Cloud voice. A lot of our customers are recording phone conversations for training purposes. However, the reality is that a very limited quantity of those calls are ever used.

Salesforce Service Cloud Voice actually transcribes each phone call and based on specific context configured by your Salesforce administrators; it can automatically flag a call when a specific topic is discussed. The use case that was demoed was for an insurance company receiving a claim by phone. Simply by listening to the conversation, Service Cloud Voice automatically surfaced the required information directly in the service console, saving both the agent and the customer a lot of time! Now that’s what I call efficiency.

Dynamic sales coaching from Einstein also impressed a lot. By listening to the conversation, Einstein automatically isolates pertinent segments and tags them with the topics discussed, such as product abc for example. Imagine how helpful that can be in the context of launching a new product for example. You can now instantly make sure your sales team is conveying the right message, all the time.

As expected, this Keynote also featured Tableau, the recent Business Intelligence and Data visualization acquired by Salesforce recently. At the heart of digital transformation is data and every Salesforce user is collecting a ton of data. It is clear that with Tableau in the mix, everyone will benefit from it very soon. As expected, with the acquisition being so recent, there weren’t a lot of interactions between Tableau and Salesforce demonstrated, bit rest assured that you will soon start seeing plenty of inspiring use cases.

New Customer 360 innovations

  • Mobile publisher allows you to easily publish your mobile apps on the Apple Appstore and Google Play.
  • Leveraging Mulesoft, connecting your systems and get a single source of truth, including data from sales, eCommerce, service as well as inventory level from your ERP.

Analytics’ avalanche overcome, thanks to Tableau.

Stay tuned with Nubik, there is much more to come!

By Camil Bourbeau, Chief Commercial Officer at Nubik