Nubik Expands to Canadian Enterprise Market and to US North East

Camil Bourbeau, VP Business Development, FinancialForce at Nubik

Nubik Expands to Canadian Enterprise Market and to US North East

February 16, 2016 Montreal, QC–Nubik CEO Katie Bussieres has announced Nubik’s expansion into the Canadian Enterprise Market as well as the US North East, effective immediately.

The timing of the expansion has been accelerated recently by several key account wins in the region as well as Nubik’s flourishing partnership with FinancialForce, the number one Cloud based ERP system for the Salesforce® platform.

Bussieres also announced the addition of Camil Bourbeau as VP Business and Market Development to head up the expansion. Bourbeau is a seasoned technology solutions strategist and will provide over 14 years of wide-ranging experience to the Nubik team.

Bussieres’s time at the helm has included several ambitious plans for expansion and a long-term vision for Nubik’s continued growth after a watershed year in 2015. The decision to hire Bourbeau fits precisely into Nubik’s plans for acquisitions and growth in the new year.

Over the last year, Nubik’s average project size has steadily increased, which is a sign that our hard work is paying off.
- Katie Bussière, CEO

Bourbeau’s expertise stems from working with mid-market and enterprise organizations in Quebec, across Canada, and in the US. The Nubik executive team plans to capitalize on Bourbeau’s acumen in pursuing growth in the FinancialForce market as well as in expansion into US markets.

“Over the last year, Nubik’s average project size has steadily increased, which is a sign that our hard work is paying off,” says Bussieres. “Camil’s arrival means we can expand while also staying focused on our current commercial operations. The executive team is confident in Nubik’s potential for vertical growth south of the border, especially considering current positive economic factors such as the exchange rate on the Canadian dollar.”

Nubik’s strength as a Salesforce® Platinum Partner and solutions provider has “helped streamline our internal processes, which has raised the maturity of the entire organization,” notes Bussieres. “Our team is our biggest asset, and we believe Camil is an excellent addition”

Nubik’s recent announcements regarding expansion into Ottawa as well as achieving Salesforce® Platinum Partner status are only the beginning. Bussieres also notes that timing is good to look to expand and that Bourbeau is convinced that the Nubik team can achieve key milestones in the new year.

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Nubik is a leading Salesforce® solutions provider and has completed hundreds of projects with their signature focus on customer service and satisfaction. Poised to expand and riding on a keen wave of momentum, Nubik will continue to be an exciting company to watch in 2016.

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