Nubik Helps AtmanCo Publish HR App on Salesforce AppExchange

Nubik develops Salesforce HR App for the AppExchange

Nubik Helps AtmanCo Publish HR App on Salesforce AppExchange

November 2, 2015 Montreal, QC – Nubik Inc., one of the largest Salesforce partners in Eastern Canada, is proud to announce that Montreal-based AtmanCo Inc. recently launched the first psychometric assessment app on the Salesforce AppExchange.

As one of the few Salesforce Product Development Partners (PDO) in Canada, Nubik worked in partnership with Montreal-based AtmanCo to design, develop, and implement the new app which helps businesses to more efficiently recruit the best talents around the world. Atman’s app assists recruiters in identifying the best candidates by evaluating personality traits and innate abilities while also providing tools to create the best collaborative teams within a company’s overall structure.

The Atman app is currently available on the Salesforce AppExchange®

The Atman App is a great solution for businesses so we are thrilled to partner with Salesforce and launch the app in the AppExchange®. This is a great opportunity for us to reach new markets and give lots of organizations an easy hiring tool to match the right candidates for the right positions.
- Stephane Poirier, AtmanCo VP of Marketing and Technology


Key Features
Recruiters will be especially pleased to manage talent acquisition directly in Salesforce®. The AtmanCo API powers the app which provides the ability to send assessments to candidates in order to evaluate their personality traits and innate capabilities. Once the assessment is complete, recruiters can compare the applicant’s’ results with a pre-established norm to determine whether a candidate is a suitable fit for the particular position in question. Further, the app’s integration with Salesforce® allows recruiters to share and discuss assessment results with managers through Chatter® tools.

About AtmanCo: AtmanCo is the publisher of a scientifically validated psychometric test. Through the HR cloud platform or the application program interface (API), the results allow companies to optimize the talents of their human capital by improving recruiting and organizational development success rates.

AtmanCo’s solutions is also capable of impacting the major consumer market by easily integrating them with our partners’ technological solutions.

About Nubik: For almost twelve years, Nubik Inc. has developed an outstanding reputation as one of the foremost expert advisory services, providing Salesforce®, FinancialForce, and Pardot solution expertise. As a Salesforce Product Development Organization, Nubik brings extensive® and APEX coding experience and a robust application development approach to organizations looking to adapt or develop applications for the Salesforce AppExchange® marketplace.