Happy Birthday, AppExchange!

Nubik says Happy Birthday to Salesforce AppExchange

Happy Birthday, AppExchange!

January 14, 2016 — A very happy birthday to the Salesforce AppExchange®! Ten years is an exciting milestone for all of us who have come to depend on the incredible business tool that the AppExchange has become in that time.

As a Salesforce.com partner, our job is to help clients build their businesses by strengthening their Salesforce acumen and by expanding the possibilities for reaching their customer base. We have always appreciated how the AppExchange provides businesses of all sizes the ability to create and define their presence and connect with customers.

With the wide variety of apps available on the AppExchange, businesses can deploy solutions with speed and agility, open new markets, access specialized niches, and connect with selective markets, easily finding a community of like-minded organizations within the larger realm of the AppExchange arena.

An app can mean many things: information, interaction, investment, inclusion. But one of the most joyful things about helping clients launch an app with the AppExchange is seeing the results–new information about customers, feedback and suggestions, local involvement and collaboration with other businesses, and a real sense of pride at creating a useful public tool that connects a business with its customers.

We recently worked with AtmanCo, a company whose mission is to help organizations efficiently hire people who fit well with that organization’s needs. They developed some compelling and useful psychometric tests, and they wanted a way to make their testing available in a portable and simple format. As we worked with them to create their app, Atman Psychometric Assessments for Salesforce, and launch it on the AppExchange, we found their insight so valuable that we decided to employ the very app we helped them create in our own hiring process. Information, interaction, investment, inclusion–all results of our collaboration.

Our own experience with launching products on the AppExchange has been invigorating in a business sense and interactive in a collaborative sense. Our latest product, Oversight, is an app we created to help Salesforce users manage their Chatter conversations. Oversight was a solution borne of our own needs within our teams to organize and make our internal communications clearer, and we realized that putting it on the AppExchange provides other organizations with the same opportunity to organize and connect with one another. This collaborative tool is now available for anyone who wants to quickly and easily adopt a rapid solution and many of our fellow AppExchange consumers will benefit from this idea that initially developed out of a need in our own business.

We work with clients all the time who have similar ideas–needs within their organization that beg a solution which would, in turn, be a solution many organizations could adopt. The AppExchange is really a wonderful tool for making such solutions available, and we have truly enjoyed our experiences creating and launching apps on the AppExchange for ourselves and for our clients.

We wish all the best to the #AppExchange10 team for another fantastic 10 years and look forward to taking part in this collaborative market!