Nubik Goes Back to School

Nubik teaches how to become a Salesforce Adminstrator at New Brunswick Community College

Nubik Goes Back to School

There’s no doubt Nubik values constant learning and training. With over 80 Salesforce certifications on our team combined, you can tell we’re always hitting the books. So no big surprise when our Customer Solutions Director for the Maritimes, Jeff Kimball, decided to go back to school. However, he’s not acting as a student, but as a teacher!

Jeff will be leading the new Essentials of Salesforce Administration course at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC).

NBCC is the very first post-secondary education institution in all of Atlantic Canada to offer a Salesforce course. With so many businesses getting into the Cloud and many government organizations in the Maritimes already using Salesforce, this course was certainly needed as more and more companies will be needing workers with these skills.

The subject matter is right up Jeff’s alley. Working with Salesforce for over 10 years, he can bring his hands-on experience from consulting to the classroom. Students will benefit from not only the technical knowledge, but the many and varied practical applications the platform offers.

Registration is open now. Nubik wishes Jeff and the students at NBCC an excellent course and maybe we’ll have some new admins joining our team!