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Create value for your community

As a non-profit, you are challenged to continually do more: build your community, raise more funds, manage and scale programs, and personalize your outreach to your constituents. Never before has technology played such an important role in helping you manage the way you run your mission and create value for your community.

Nubik and are committed to supporting you. Helping you make the right technology decisions so you can streamline your processes and build a connected infrastructure, we will help you design innovative solutions so you can achieve your dream.

“Engage your constituents and build your Community, thanks to Nubik’s solutions for non-profits”


Automate recurring processes

Automate those little things that you do every day, so you can spend your time on more valuable initiatives like reaching out to your constituents or launching new fundraising programs.

Manage Multi-channel Contribution

In today’s connected world, contributions can be generated in a number of sources. Manage all channels in one system.

Unify Data silos

Imagine a world where every interaction with your clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers and affiliates with all of your data from ticketing, ERP, payment, HR and payroll systems is integrated into one platform. Nubik will bring together all of this information  in a consolidated view, so you have it all at your fingertips.

Community Cloud

Whether you need to engage donors, volunteers, advocates, board members, or other constituents, we can build branded Community portals that leverages the information in the Salesforce platform and connects everyone to your mission.


Automate your outreach and track engagement with your constituents. Whether it’s a Fundraising event or seasonal initiative, the core functionalities of Pardot, will let you track the performance of your initiatives, communicate with your constituents, monitor social media efforts and more

Financial Management

Harnessing the data in Salesforce, and combining it with FinancialForce Financial Management software, Nubik will integrate your entire financial operations. A sequence of coaching workshops will perform the configuration, so you unify all your systems in the same platform.

You are curious to know more about how Nubik DELIVERS on the promise of VALUE CREATION?

Here’s what we have to say.

It’s one thing to say ‘yes’ to cloud-based technologies for value creation and another to formulate a plan to roll it out in a company.


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Working with your internal team, we guide you through a series of workshops to quickly launch Our certified admins will set up the platform using “out-of-the-box” configuration. We will identify and automate recurring operations giving you an immediate return on investment and we will configure basic reports so you can track the performance of your mission.

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At the end of the day, our experts will always be providing concise, actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward.

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Forward Thinking

In developing your plan to become a community leader, you may find it worthwhile to watch this non-profit success video

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