Field Fuse transforms your customer’s experience

Invoicing & Paperwork

Replace software such as Excel or paper- based process with a fully-automated dispatching, invoicing and inventory management tool.

Rely on outdated tools or paper-based systems to manage complex processes, prone to human error.

Scheduling & Dispatching

Schedule with optimal suggested work times, allocate the right resources to the right work orders and offer faster service response time.

Dispatching process may be tedious and difficult to plan due to skill or scheduling constraints, job urgency and priority, location and travel time.

Inventory Oversight

Have on-hand accurate, detailed information about your inventory levels and costs with just a few clicks.

Suboptimal system in place to manage inventory levels for parts and tools; truck stock, and expenses.

Enhanced Operations

Track the location and status of field teams and inventory to reduce leakage, increase revenue and gain better understanding of your margins.

Lacking adequate visibility of field operations, work order progress and real-time costs.

Sequential Work Orders

Plan out every step of complex work orders in detail with interconnected solutions outlined efficiently and effectively for all involved.

Difficulties to plan and arrange sequential work orders and multiple service resources.

See It In Action

One Client’s Story of Success

When United Services Group (USG) came to us for help scaling their business operations, they were looking a platform to manage their needs in a single application, that could keep track of inventory, support client relationships and grow alongside the organization. We implemented FinancialForce and Field Service to help USG adapt and overcome a number of challenges. See how a straightforward Salesforce solution changed everything.

Assign resources based on location, experience and efficiency with a simple drag and drop interface based on pre-set scheduling parameters and business objectives. Optimized routes update in real-time based on present traffic conditions. Automating the scheduling and dispatching process will save your business time and money to book more appointments with the right resources assigned to the right jobs.

A Nubik Success Story

in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Nubik's consultants are very competent. They were efficient at understanding our needs, scope and providing the right solution. The quality of their work is excellent.

Generate procurement requests automatically if a technician discovers they need parts or materials that are out of stock. The system will then put the project on hold until everything arrives on-site. You can also follow your team’s progress at any point and file completions immediately when a task is completed.

Mitigating visibility issues as they pop up and anticipating demand is a benefit in and of itself, not to mention the edge you’ll have on the competition when you can provide customers with precise details about work orders at a moment’s notice.


Shares relevant CRM data with your ERP for automatically generated billing details based on time cards, parts or materials used and hours spent on-site and in transit. Your accounting team will be able to build more invoices and quotes faster to expedite the billing process and provide greater service to your customers with time saved.


Field Fuse has been designed to follow your organization’s business process.

It’s easy to use because you don’t need a specialist to write unique code and you already have all the data at your fingertips, courtesy of Salesforce.

Moreover, it’s fully customizable based on your needs. A more efficient future is only a phone call away.

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