Sound in mind and body

Sound in mind and body

Alexandre Boyer, VP Operations at Nubik

The sun is shining, the days are hot, summer is finally here! It is also the season for collecting Energy Cubes at school. Our children come home armed with their logbook where they earn awards for being physically active. They come home from school asking to play outside so they can color a new cube in their logbook. What a wonderful initiative!

For us grown-ups, it is time for the Pierre Lavoie Challenge. A few parents at my children’s school had registered for the La Boucle event. Anyone can register and participate in this component of the Challenge which is 135 km long. The purpose of the whole event is to collect funds to promote healthy lifestyle habits. So I thought to myself, let’s do it! I used to ride a bicycle in my younger years, I should be able to do this. Anyway, I have lots of time to prepare. No need to stress!

Nonetheless, as the event got closer, my level of stress starting mounting. I did get out for a few bike rides. However, I barely managed to complete a fraction of the distance required and I came home exhausted. Not only tense, but literally exhausted.

This made me realize that over the years, I had forgotten to take care of myself. Work, activities with the kids, housework, the daily routine, it’s all very tiring. And, the less we exercise, the more tired we feel. Everything takes more time and effort, and in the end, we find ourselves with even less hours to exercise. This vicious cycle becomes part of the routine and before we know it, weeks then years have passed.

When was the last time I did something where I had to overcome my own limits? I could not even remember. All I knew is that I had become increasingly tired the last few years.

As the La Boucle event of the Pierre Lavoie Challenge got nearer, I started pushing myself a bit more. And I unexpectedly found myself more and more keen at work and in my other tasks. Everything now seemed easier and clearer. Not because there were no issues, far from it! But my mind just seemed to be more alert.

On the big day, everything went really well. It was a gorgeous day, people were smiling and helping each other out and we were surrounded by beautiful scenery. However, I have to admit that it was first and foremost the feeling of fulfillment I got from achieving something that scared me that was especially satisfying.

Alexandre Boyer, VP Opérations chez Nubik

I learned a key lesson in the process and that is to continue taking care of myself amidst the turmoil we call life. The Pierre Lavoie Challenge promotes a healthy lifestyle? Let me tell you, it’s not only for your kids, it’s for you too! Whenever possible, get out and test your limits practicing a sport that you love. You’ll see, you will end up feeling a whole lot better!