Team Built for Success

Team Built for Success

Team Built for Success

A team is defined as a number of people who act together as a group, in order to achieve a common goal!

One of the major blessings that comes from working remotely with Nubik, is it allows the opportunity to be part of multiple teams: The team that makes up Nubik, the team that makes up your family, the team that makes up your community and in my case the team is that is made up of youth soccer players.

My niece, at the age of 5 signed up to play soccer and asked if I would coach her team.  Now, six years later, I have had the privilege to not only watch my niece grow her skills and become an amazing young lady, but I have been given the privilege of coaching 40 girls along their soccer and life journey.

Being a coach of youth players and taking on the challenge of being a positive role model is a gift that will be cherished forever.   Teaching the players skills, positions, roles, communication, and what it means to win, is what makes coaching exciting from the sport/competitive side of the job. Watching your players become respectful, encouraging, caring and helpful; those are the true gifts that comes from coaching and will have a positive impact on their family and community long into the future.

The teams I have coached have been successful, winning many games and championships over the 6 years and 18 different seasons I have coached.  I have coached girls ranging in age from 6 years old through 17 years old, with my current focus on ages 10 through 15, and it’s always a thrill to hear that final whistle and celebrate a win no matter the age of the team.  However, in the world of competition you experience both wins and losses, and we have had our wide range of emotional journey’s together over this time as well.  Moments of frustration, moments of tears and our moments of mistakes. But no matter if we celebrated wins or felt defeat, we experienced it as a team and as friends and that is what leads to our overall success.  We are not individuals, we are a group working to achieve a common championship goal together.

The memories I have already created with these girls will last a lifetime.

The future and memories I GET to make with these girls is only possible because I’m part of Team Nubik as well.  Working remotely for a company that wants a work/life balance that is focused on giving back and cherishes family time, allows me to continue to be a part of these girl’s life. It allows me to continue a 7:30 A.M. summer running program, allows me to ensure their maintaining good grades in school, and support them in their other activities.

I encourage everyone to take a leadership role among the youth of their community. Being a role model and having a positive impact on youth’s life is a blessing your will cherish forever as you watch them grow up.

Thank you Team Nubik for allowing me to be part of multiple teams and encouraging us to give back to our communities.

By David Lipely, Salesforce Consultant at Nubik