A Short Stay in Columbia to Help Cultivando Sonrisas

Nubik et la Fondation Cultivando Sonrisas

A Short Stay in Columbia to Help Cultivando Sonrisas

Nubik announced last January its support and piloting of a unique project. For a few months, two of its employees were embarking on a project which involved travelling the world in search of new experiences and discoveries, while continuing to perform their daily tasks and responsibilities for the service provider.

Two months have passed and we are not going to leave you hanging as to what happened to our two ladies, are we now? We are happy to share with you this short recap of Audréanne Coursol’s trip to Columbia.

During her stay in Medellin, Audréanne, an accounting implementation consultant, volunteered with the Cultivando Sonrisas Foundation, which means « Cultivating Smiles » in the language of Shakespeare.

This non-profit organization, which operates without any government support, provides a home for young girls who are growing up in environments where they are at risk of being abused or assaulted, and are often also suffering from a lack of affection or proper nutrition. In this region where extreme poverty, social inequality and exclusion rule, these young girls live in a high-risk social context.

The foundation’s key mission is therefore to offer a haven of safety and a loving family where each girl can feel at home. Cultivando Sonrisas also supports these young girls throughout their education journey until graduation in order to help them build a future and break the cycle of poverty.

Audréanne’s team of volunteers was in charge of preparing and serving snacks as well as organizing educational activities. It was a roaring success! The young girls were extremely touched by the young Canadian’s engagement and it really helped boost their own self-esteem, as can be seen from the beaming smiles in the pictures below.

The group also took advantage of their time with the foundation to arrange a sewing and drawing workshop where the young girls of different age groups were able to let their creativity flow. This activity was followed by an introduction to self-defence which taught the girls basic techniques to use in a dangerous situation, but more importantly, to help them stay physically fit.

At Nubik, we share those same values and we strive to build a safer and more inclusive community where everyone’s contribution is appreciated. We want every member of the community to have the same opportunity to succeed and we not only support a diversified workplace, but also a society based on equality.

Audréanne’s adventure did not end in Medellin. Quite to the contrary, she still has several other cultures to discover and many other wonderful people to meet. Let’s all wish our two travellers good luck and safe travel for the remainder of their journeys!

For more information on the Cultivando Sonrisas Foundation or to donate, visit their web site (available in Spanish only).

Until our next update!

Cultivando Sonrisas et Nubik

Cultivando Sonrisas et Nubik

Cultivando Sonrisas et Nubik