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Operational excellence is the result of detailed planning, fine-grained cost control, and production quality, day in and day out. Managing orders, inventory, work in progress, and logistics—shipments from suppliers and deliveries to customers—are just some of the day to day activities required to compete, win, and innovate.

To be effective, operations departments must take control of the Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay cycles with accurate product quoting solutions that leverage standardised, official price books—with pre-vetted product configurations—to prevent surprises. To respond to customer requests and competitive pressures—to be agile and to innovate—they need real-time visibility on all available resources (personnel, equipment and inventory) and production activities, as well as procurement, warehousing, and logistics activities.


Service Cloud

The AI-powered service platform for providing a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.

Field Service Lightning

Leverage your Service Cloud data to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your field service personnel.

Community Cloud

The advanced collaboration platform for employee productivity, channel partner efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Custom Application Development

Deploy cloud-based apps on Heroku or Force.com, integrating capabilities from leading software vendors.

Professional Services Automation

The complete solution from FinancialForce for resource and talent management, time and expenses, and billing.

Financial Management

The complete solution from FinancialForce for accounting, billing, revenue recognition, and inventory management.


The electronic signature capture solution that accelerates the Order-to-Cash cycle.

Electronic Data Interchange

Achieve order routing rigour up and down the supply chain.


Mapping, routing, and territory management fully integrated with Salesforce. Track vehicles, workers, and field assets.

Nubik’s cloud-based solutions for operations departments start with manufacturing resource productivity (MRP) applications that integrate with customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource productivity (ERP), and financial management systems to offer a single source of truth. These solutions eliminate IT costs while supporting innovation along the supply chain and the production line.

Additional solutions include electronic data interchange (EDI) to provide integration with and achieve rigour across the supply chain, as well as field service activity support tools and solutions for managing the Internet of Things (IoT).

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