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Disher’s successful implementation of Salesforce and FinancialForce

Disher’s successful implementation of Salesforce and FinancialForce

The US consulting firm outpaced its financial and customer management systems capabilities and was forced to upgrade its software to continue fulfilling its mission. Discover how Nubik’s proven methodology and experience were key to this project’s success.

the ottawa hospital customer success

The Ottawa Hospital Success Story with Nubik and Salesforce

Hospital management wanted to share real-time medical information with its partners, but did not know how to do it. The hospital also needed one central source of truth. Nubik, as a Salesforce Platinum Partner, had the expertise to help them implement their new CRM software.

Nubik helps Merriam Music Launch FinancialForce to improve their accounting processes

Merriam Music launches FinancialForce Accounting with help from Nubik

A vibrant music store and school, Merriam wanted a partner to help them integrate their ERP and accounting systems into the Salesforce platform. With the guidance and support of Nubik, they were able to achieve their goals and get ramped up quickly and realize immediate gains in the way they manage their billings and financials.

Poka achieves Salesforce Success with Nubik

A young company with a rapidly growing business model needed a local partner to implement Salesforce that would match their evolving needs. Hear Alex Leclerc, President and Co-Founder of Poka, explain how Nubik helped them quickly launch the Salesforce platform and streamline their business operations.

Poka Financial Force Customer Success Story

Poka Migrates Financial Management to the Cloud with Nubik

Smart start-up founders at Poka realized they needed to migrate their accounting into the cloud if they were going to keep scaling. They reached out to Nubik, a local company they trusted to not just implement, but really bring efficiency to the project with their experience and knowledge of best practices.

Accedian Counts on Nubik to Get the Job Done

From both a technical standpoint and also on a personal level, Nubik and Accedian have built a long standing relationship based on communication and trust. Hear Francois Marineau, VP Sales and Emmanuel Greciet, Director, Professional, Technical & IT Services as they talk about the partnership with Nubik.