Customer success

Nubik had a clear expertise in finance and Salesforce ecosystem, there’s no doubt on why they came recommended by Salesforce.

~ Keven Beauregard

Director Administration & Finance, BIM One


Virtual construction and technology BIM One Inc. is a firm specialized in project management and technologies implementation related to building information modeling (BIM). With industry experts located in Quebec, Montreal and Vancouver, BIM One helps companies manage their virtual design and construction projects more efficiently.


BIM One Inc. was growing rapidly and moving more and more from a consulting company to a software company. They needed a more robust system to support their growth and to help them scale the company.

Since they were doing their invoices manually, not only they had errors and were going out late, but it was also time consuming. About 50% of the time was dedicated to the billing process alone! It was no longer sustainable over the long term, hence the need for automation and increased scalability. And as a fast-growing company, they had to plan as a large company, but with the limited resources of a small company.


BIM One was looking for an automated solution for the billing process. They looked at different platforms and alternatives, but one thing they had to keep in mind was the scalability of that, and that’s why Salesforce Ecosystem was the obvious choice.

Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) automated configuration, pricing and quote creation process, allowing BIM One team to focus on the desired needs of the customer and enabled them to close sales quickly.

Now that they found a solution that they can grow with it, the next step was to find an experienced service provider. 

‘’Nubik had a clear expertise in finance and Salesforce ecosystem, there’s no doubt on why they came recommended by Salesforce.’’ – Keven Beauregard, Director Administration & Finance, BIM One.


By automating the entire billing process with CPQ Billing, BIM One reduced significantly its quote errors, generated a higher quote to order conversion, and saved time and money with quicker quote generation.

“Nubik’s consultants were always available for any comment or any modification, and they implemented it right away in the process and always documented. It was flawless!” concluded Christian Proulx, VP Sales & Marketing, BIM One.

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