Customer success


Looking back at the end of the project, we can see how Nubik’s experience was critical to Disher’s successful implementation of Salesforce and FinancialForce

~ Kim Blackburn

Business Lead


DISHER is a consulting firm offering product development, talent solutions and business solutions. Their mission is to Make a Positive Difference. The company currently has offices in Zeeland and Ann Arbor, Michigan and in Indianapolis, Indiana, and employs 150 people. It was recently recognized by FORTUNE as the 5th Best Small Workplace in the USA.


As DISHER grew, they outpaced their current financial and customer management systems and decided to upgrade their software to continue fulfilling their mission. An increasing number of employees involved in business development were working on multiple opportunities with different customers in different locations. DISHER needed an integrated CRM management program and financial tool to bring better visibility to its team and customers. Additionally, DISHER wanted to have visibility across its business in real-time, to streamline and to automate its operations and reporting.


DISHER’s team drew up a wish list of all the functions they wanted. In the end, Salesforce with FinancialForce scored the highest and provided the most flexibility. The next step was to find an experienced service provider and that is when Nubik came in.

‘’Nubik had a great presentation and a roadmap of what the implementation would look like, and we were impressed by their honesty and their ability to anticipate our problem areas, including the massive culture shift this project entailed,’’ revealed Ms. Kim Blackburn, Business Lead, DISHER.

‘’The way Nubik approached the project in many ways put us at ease with how large a project this was, and by tackling the little bite-sized chunks that they would show us and help us achieve every day, they got us to our goal,’’ added Mr. Brent Heeres, Business Lead.


Nubik’s proven methodology and experience were key to this project’s success. The Salesforce Platinum Partner provided ongoing support and a proven methodology including workshops, tools and training. A path was laid out in advance for DISHER’s team, so they knew what to expect each step of the way. Nubik was able to anticipate some of the problem areas and provided solutions right away. DISHER now has one single version of the truth that runs throughout its organization. In addition, they can now scale their administrative services without having to add additional headcount.

“Looking back at the end of the project, we can see how Nubik’s experience was critical to Disher’s successful implementation of Salesforce and FinancialForce”, noted Ms. Kim Blackburn.

In conclusion, Jeff Disher, President of Disher Corporation, explains that his organization is now better equipped to accomplish its mission. ‘’They are going to be a critical piece to further the development of our system and we are going to need a partner, and that is what Nubik is for us,’’ concluded Mr. Brent Heeres, DISHER.