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Working through this process with Nubik is been stellar and 100% positive and timely

~ Marc de Jong

Director Sales and Marketing, DME Group


Founded in 1991, Diversified Metal Engineering (DME) is internationally recognized as a leader in custom design and fabrication of equipment for Brewing, BioTech, BioEnergy, Industrial Food & Beverage, Water Treatment, Decor and Marine Applications.

DME is based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where the Company employs over 175 full-time staff. DME operates in over 90,000 square feet of production space in Canada, China and India.


One of the company’s largest impasses was their inability to quote customers in anything other than Canadian currency. Their quoting was only possible in a single language which further complicated their business affairs. Being an international company with majority of partners residing in the United States, this limited their operations. Putting together a proposal for a customer was cumbersome and time-consuming for employees. This gap has disadvantaged the company in many ways.

DME were in need of a modern quoting system to generate quotes that are able to track vessels at customer sites, as well as, following the transfers of these vessels from one customer to another. “We had no ability to connect with our ERP, we had no way to drive a better pricing model or a better pricing strategy” explained Vuk Stajic, Sales Development Engineer at DME Group.

In order to concentrate on deep market analysis, DME needed a solution that was able to track their products and automatically fill out the necessary fields. Automating these repetitive tasks without added values would allow them to increase productivity. With the company’s rapid growth due to their numerous acquisitions, it was important for them to centralize information and facilitate its exchange through different subsidiaries.


Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) automated configuration, pricing and quote creation process, allows their Sales and Marketing team to focus on the desired needs of the customer and enabled them to close sales quickly.

But why Nubik? ‘’Nubik is a trusted partner that understands Salesforce and that understands how our business operates’’ observed Vuk.

Salesforce CPQ Online demo request with Nubik



This solution helped DME become more efficient by accelerating their business processes. It meant no duplicates, remote quoting, which gave them the opportunity to spend more time building relationships with their customers. ‘’The benefits were felt immediately due to their new ability to track current sales and new sales and future sales very rapidly’’ asserted Marc de Jong, Sales and Marketing at DME Group.

Nubik’s new integration ensured there were no longer any erroneous or duplicate data, meaning that the quoting done by the sales staff was accurate. This confidence in the procedure meant no one was wasting time double-checking their previous work, once again saving time.

With the benefit of CPQ being native to Salesforce, employees never had to waste time by entering the information more than once, which used to be the case prior to the Salesforce solution. Before this implementation, their previous tools and solutions held them back, and isolated the Sales team from the rest of the organization. “Today’s solution is fast and allows us to generate the quote quickly and that was a hundred percent the number one reason why we went down this road” concluded Marc.

Working through this process with Nubik is been stellar and 100% positive and timely” – Marc de Jong

I wouldn’t look any further than Nubik” – Vuk Stajic, DME Group