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In addition to having led several CPQ projects, Nubik was also the most qualified company to take on this implementation and the one who could best meet our requirements

~ Stéphane Houle

InnovMetric’s Cloud Technology Coordinator

The client

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Quebec City, InnovMetric Software Inc. is the leading provider of universal 3D metrology software solutions. Including its subsidiaries and joint ventures around the world, InnovMetric employs close to 400 employees located in 16 countries on four continents.

The issue

The 3D solution provider needed tools that were easier to use and more efficient. The various platforms used did not talk to each other and the employees were having to constantly research information or check pricing details manually.

To compound the issue, they had to be able to manage currency exchange and multiple language translations. Because the company is established worldwide, it was not unusual to see several languages or many different currencies as part of a single document exchange between stakeholders. As an example, for the distribution network, the staff had to exit Salesforce and access an Excel spreadsheet to look up the terms of sales on a case-by-case basis. Not only did this file hold more than 1,200 line items, it was stored offline. In other words, any new data was not made available immediately and the user could easily be misled. In addition, the old system did not have the capability to renew multiple contracts in a single step. The bulk of the tasks had to be performed manually and this process was extremely time consuming.

Once again, the staff had to carefully review each document to ensure the pricing and translations were correct, a process which significantly impacted the company’s and the employees’ ability to be productive. To resolve this, InnovMetric decided to implement a solution that would be able to handle the various currencies, provide access to the content in multiple languages and, most importantly, automate repetitive tasks that had no added value.


innovmetric solution salesforce CPQSalesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) automated the configuration, pricing and quote creation process, allowing the sales team to focus on the real needs of the customer and to quickly close the sale.

Nubik went above and beyond the CPQ offer and programmed a tax automation module for each country where InnovMetric is conducting business. This project was successfully delivered as a turnkey solution.

“In addition to having led several CPQ projects, Nubik was also the most qualified company to take on this implementation and the one who could best meet our requirements,” commented Stéphane Houle, InnovMetric’s Cloud Technology Coordinator.

The results

Thanks to the expertise and knowledge of Nubik’s consulting team, this project became a success story. Before starting the implementation, Nubik took the time to review each document used by InnovMetric in order to understand their daily reality and to put together a project plan that was both realistic and efficient.

Every business process is now completely automated. The system processes each translation and every currency automatically without needing human involvement. The employees can therefore fully dedicate their time to more important tasks and no longer have to worry about introducing human errors into the transactions.

“InnovMetric will continue to grow in the next three years. We know we can count on Nubik’s help and the Salesforce tools to support our progress,” concluded Stéphane Leclerc, Vice-President of Technical Expertise and Process Optimization for InnovMetric.