Poka | Salesforce

Customer success

Working with Nubik is like working with a group of like-minded entrepeneurs. It was a great experience for us.

~ Alexandre Leclerc

President | Co-Founder

Founded in 2015, Poka is the first social industrial platform that focuses on efficient training, knowledge retention and real-time information within the manufacturing world. They seek to break down traditional silos that have divided the workforce, management and factories for decades, and transform the industrial world. They work with organizations of varying sizes and scope from family-owned businesses to multinational corporations with plants located around the world.

Shortly after their founding, they quickly realized that an old school spreadsheet model would not meet their needs, and a centralized, web-based platform was critical to managing their sales operations and finances as well as their interactions with international partners.

Having decided to invest in Salesforce for their CRM system, they turned to Nubik for help in configuring and launching Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and FinancialForce. Poka’s decision was grounded on having a partner with a local, Quebec presence, who could work in French, and guide them through the details of their implementation. They also wanted a partner who would take the time to fully understand the unique needs of a high-growth start-up in the high-tech, manufacturing industry.

Leaning on Nubik’s experienced team, Poka was able to define their opportunity process, customers, partners, and who should have access to which types of information. The client benefited not just from configuration, but also best practices. We would sometimes challenge them to think outside the box to improve their existing processes.

Once Salesforce was configured, launched and optimized, the client turned their sights to FinancialForce. Built on top of Salesforce, the Financial Management system delivers closed loop reporting and insight from opportunities to revenue. We worked closely together to configure the system, build reports and launch a robust system.

Throughout the process, Poka was guided through a structured sequence of workshops that kept them on track with all the decisions they needed to make. Our client also benefited from more than just configuration. As they continue to grow, there will surely be new opportunities to leverage the skills and experience that we bring to the platform.