United Services Group

Customer success

Moving forward with our long term relationships that we’re building with our customers, Salesforce and Nubik are tools for us to strengthen those relationships.

~ Michael Kroupa

CEO, United Services Group


With almost 40 years of experience as a national industry leader, United Services Group offers a combination of services to retail and commercial industries, such as: janitorial/cleaning, day porters and parking & grounds maintenance.


As the company was growing, it had become difficult to control and maintain all the equipment that was circulating all around the country.

Before this project, the company was working in siloed systems. Work was mostly manual and difficult to keep those in sync. They needed to find a way to bring all that information together and share it with everyone else and have a collaborative environment.

The company’s invoicing was late, they lost track of certain jobs because they weren’t getting reporting properly. USG was using multiple point solutions to manage quotes, equipment and other key areas. 

They needed a platform that will be able to manage it all in a single application and that is scalable because customer needs are changing very dramatically.


FinancialForce Supply Chain Management (SCM) is at the heart of the solution deployed. It greatly improves the visibility of the entire supply chain process. It helps business operations make smarter decisions about inventory and better manage their procurement processes, giving full visibility on the inventory levels across the company.

SCM also allows the many different departments within the organization to act as one cohesive and centralized unit, sharing the same, always up to date, source of data. As an example, customer service agents are now able to provide real-time information on customer orders and answer questions on the spot.

Field Service Lightning (FSL) is also a key component of the solution. FSL focuses on putting the right mobile employee in the right place, at the right time, to meet or exceed customers’ expectations. Running a field service business means managing numerous moving parts. With FSL, UCSL now has the tools they need to manage work orders, scheduling, and manage it’s entire mobile workforce. Here are some of the things that are now possible:

  • Manage Calendars and Workload (assign work orders, service, reassign, delete)
  • Find the best qualified Field technician based on the skillset required by the service
  • Optimize technician’s routes based on street level routing, taking real-time traffic into consideration
  • Get real-time feedback from Field Service Employees using mobile app
  • Overall, improve the productivity of all Field service employees

With the Field Service Lightning app on their phones, the United Services mechanical staff are now able to easily proceed with any repair or diagnostic and provide a detailed service report that gets digitally signed by each customer at the completion of a service call. Parts are consumed, inventory levels adjusted (truck inventory or main warehouses) and invoices can be generated with a single click, leveraging FinancialForce Financial Management solution.

Salesforce FSL Guided Tour (free demo) with Nubik



Not only United Services Group now has a complete and accurate inventory all the time, but they also have one unique version of the truth. 

They’ve moved from information gathering to information sharing. These new systems are now transforming the company into an organization, because it’s helping them make decisions on all levels!

“Moving forward with our long term relationships that we’re building with our customers, Salesforce and Nubik are tools for us to strengthen those relationships.” – Michael Kroupa, CEO.

“We really didn’t feel Nubik was a different company, we just felt we were one core team with a single purpose.” – Anukta Philip, Head of Business Transformation, United Services Group.