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As of February 3, 2022

In 2019, Rootstock Software launched an ERP Connector for Field Service Lightning to support financial management and field service operators. Manufacturers who have implemented Rootstock Cloud ERP with Field Service are using it to create invoices from work orders and leverage a 360-degree view of costs to enhance their financial results.

What can Rootstock’s ERP Connector do for you? Let’s find out:

Rootstock Software Debuts ERP Connector to Salesforce Field Service Lightning


Today, many manufacturers want to manage field service operations as an independent business unit with its own profit and loss – or at least more closely oversee the revenue and expenses related to these operations. Consequently, they need to equip their field service departments with the tools and data needed to enhance profitability, administrative efficiency, and customer service.

“Field service managers are often disconnected from financial information and struggle to control and manage their financial performance,”

Tom Brennan Rootstock Testimonial
Tom Brennan
CMO, Rootstock Software

According to the announcement, Rootstock’s ERP Connector provides the following key features and capabilities, which support financial management of field service operations:

  • Create invoices from work orders: While field service has always been able to create and manage work orders, disconnection from a company’s ERP often resulted in manual processes that were prone to administrative error, process delays and customer satisfaction issues. Now, with Rootstock’s ERP Connector, companies can generate invoices from work orders with a click of the mouse. Invoices can be generated in a more timely and accurate fashion. In addition, manufacturers have the integrated information they need to improve cash flow and collections.
  • Leverage a 360 degree view of costs to enhance financial results: The Rootstock ERP Connector helps to track the costs of parts and labor at the invoice level. Field service managers are able to monitor gross profit margins by invoice, work order and customer. When billing for field services, managers can choose from flexible pricing options from within Rootstock’s Cloud ERP. Greater visibility into costs and more pricing options help facilitate improved revenue and profitability.

“Now, with our ERP Connector, they have this data at their fingertips, so they’ll have more visibility into and control over the finances of their operations. Our connector enables them to streamline administrative functions, such as generating invoices, and at the same time, it can enhance invoicing accuracy, which bolsters customer experience and satisfaction,” added Brennan.

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Rootstock is the next-generation, cloud ERP solution that fully leverages the Salesforce platform. This powerful platform builds off of your existing products, sales and customer data, business objectives and business rules in Salesforce to provide a complete end-to-end view of your manufacturing operations, inventories, supply chain, and finances.

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