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Sales team productivity is critical to the success of every growing organisation. Being productive in sales means spending the right time on the right prospects.

It means managing customer expectations through all stages of the sales cycle, which requires immediate access to the most up-to-date pricing and product documentation. It means being able to generate accurate quotes, including across currencies and regions, and provide customer-specific contract language.

It means being able to cross-sell and up-sell related products and renewable service contracts to improve deal margins and lock in the customer for the long term. It means being able to close deals faster to accelerate the quote-to-cash cycle. And it means being able to do all of these things across multiple prospects at the same time.


Sales Cloud

The leading platform for customer relationship management and sales force automation from Salesforce.

Salesforce CPQ

Automate your configure-price-quote and billing processes to quickly and easily build accurate quotes and close deals.

Community Cloud

The advanced platform for channel partner and customer collaboration.

Financial Management

The complete solution from FinancialForce for accounting, billing, revenue recognition, and inventory management.


The electronic signature capture solution that accelerates the Order-to-Cash cycle.


The complete document management solution, including product documentation, contracts, and reports.

Professional Services Automation

The complete solution from FinancialForce for resource and talent management, time and expenses, and billing.


Mapping, routing, and territory management fully integrated with Salesforce. Track vehicles, workers, and field assets.

Custom Application Development

Deploy cloud-based apps on Heroku or, integrating capabilities from leading software vendors.

Nubik’s cloud-based solutions for sales teams range from customer relationship management (CRM) to configure-price-quote capabilities that propose pre-vetted product configurations and recommend ancillary services.

These solutions provide support for advanced business models that leverage subscription-based services to provide a base of recurring revenues. Electronic signature capture, electronic contract management, and automated billing accelerate the close of deals and optimise the payment cycle. Many of these solutions draw upon artificial intelligence, enabling sales teams to identify new opportunities for existing customers and to pro-actively manage customer communications in order to move promising prospects through the buying cycle more efficiently.

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