Configure. Price. Quote.
Take control of your quoting process.

Salesforce CPQ automates your configure-price-quote and billing processes so that your team can quickly and easily build accurate quotes and close deals. Your sales reps can use Salesforce CPQ’s intuitive product configurator to create both simple and complex customer quotes with consistent and accurate pricing that respects your business rules and channel partner commitments.

Deliver a fully-branded quote for immediate approval with relevant product documentation, terms and conditions, and support for electronic signatures in just one click.

Key CPQ metrics for manufacturers

More quote to order conversion with Salesforce CPQ

+29% Quote to Order Conversion

Faster quote generation with Salesforce CPQ

+41% Faster Quote Generation

less quote errors with Salesforce CPQ

-44% Quote Errors

CPQ Highlights

Produce Accurate Quotes

Product configurations and customer-specific pricing take the guesswork out of the quoting process. With guided selling, cross-sells and up-sells are no longer left to chance.

Deliver Consistent Proposals

Deliver quotes that can be quickly invoiced and provisioned as well as pre-determined volume discounts and automated approval workflows for peace of mind.

Drive Business Growth

Support your company’s geographic expansion with territory-based pricing, support for multiple currencies, channel management tools, product bundles, and payment and commission tracking. Subscription management drives recurring service revenues and customer retention.

Salesforce CPQ Online demo request with Nubik

Here’s our take on CPQ:

Nubik’s implementation for Salesforce CPQ features a series of workshops where we jointly discover your specific quoting needs and governance requirements.

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Leveraging interviews, surveys and questionnaires, we work with your sales managers to understand your unique business processes.

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We then implement them in a cohesive, fully secure CPQ system. Finally, we provide training and knowledge transfer, empowering you to manage your ongoing quoting needs.

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Satisfied Customers

alexandre leclerc, POKA's CEO testimonial with Nubik
Kim Blackburn, disher, testimonial with Nubik

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