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What is FSL and why should you care

Field Service Lightning is a great example of Industry 4.0 technology being leveraged to enhance business operations. Cloud connected artificial Intelligence like Salesforce Einstein is used to connect field personnel with the insights and action they need to operate efficiently and deliver a seamless customer experience.

With mobile availability, field service teams are also able to be more reliable and productive and have access to the support they need when they need it.

FSL ROI seen on Nubik’s projects

higher customer satisfaction with Service Cloud

+83% Worker Productivity

Production Cycle Time

+55% Faster Response Time

Cost Savings

+71% New Revenues

FSL Highlights

Deliver seamless customer experiences

Provide customers with a consistent experience from the phone to the field and back, with technician and work order status updated in real-time. Connect field personnel with support agents over voice, video, or chat to remotely diagnose and solve customer issues.

Enhance productivity at the customer site

Empower mobile field personnel with tools to update work orders, answer customer queries, order parts, adjust job status, expense inventory, and plan journeys, from anywhere on any device.

Deploy and manage field assets intelligently

Automate dispatching based on technician availability, skill set and past experience. Route personnel, tools, and parts to where they can be most effective. Track field service efforts and update customer records in real time.

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Still not convinced, or just curious to know more about FSL with Nubik?

Here’s what we have to say.

Nubik’s team of field service specialists will work with you to understand your organisation’s specific field service capabilities, your unique challenges, and your different customer support entitlements.

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Nubik will recommend best practices for customer service excellence, from the initial customer request to the work order, bill of materials, equipment used, and time worked.

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what they’re saying

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This guided tour is provided by Certified Field Service Consultants only.
You won’t be in touch with a sales representative, unless you ask for it.

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