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Finetune your flexible billing engine.

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As of February 3, 2022

Transform your billing experience from sales orders to payment schedules and cash collection.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud’s billing software facilitates
the buying experience for customers with automated processes. Integration eliminates the risk of human error with a system that automatically collates costs from your approved quotes.

Enjoy the Automated Experience

Reduce the time and effort needed to answer customer queries with a full audit trail of every action performed through Salesforce. You can also trigger orders with delivery actions, collate costs and produce dispatch invoices.

Discount and Deliver

Deliver quotes based on your CRM data that can be quickly invoiced and provisioned, offer predetermined volume discounts, and automate approval workflows for peace-of-mind.

Outperform your expectations

Revenue Cloud allows you to track pricing and discounts as well as collections across product lines. Your finance team can then make informed decisions to adjust your margins and profitability with up-to-the-minute business data.

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