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Service Cloud® is all about empowering your agents with the right tools to quickly resolve cases and connect with your customers in a whole new way. Time is critical when talking about customer care, and a satisfying customer service experience benefits all involved.

SERVICE CLOUD ROI (1ST year average) for our Clients

higher retention with service cloud

+25% retention rate

higher customer satisfaction with Service Cloud

+82% customer satisfaction

more revenue with Service Cloud

+34% recurring revenues


Deliver 24/7 customer service

Give your customers the answers they need, whenever they need them.

Personalize your customer care

Provide personalized service that goes above and beyond what your competitors can deliver.

Support your customers on any channel

Meet customers wherever is most convenient for them with multichannel support from phone and email to social media.

Here’s our take on Service Cloud


We facilitate your setup and help you create personalized and relevant engagements with your customers, all while gathering important customer information for your sales team.

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Process Improvement

Our team will suggest the best solutions to improve every touchpoint in the customer service process. Then we provide workshops that will empower your service team and give them the necessary tools to execute their roles.

Process Improvement with Service Cloud

A Valued Customer is a Happy One

Ultimately, we improve the experience for your customers, agents, and managers. Whether your service team is one person or spread out in multiple global locations, Nubik can help you make each and every customer feel valued.

love is all they need with service cloud

Satisfied Customers

alexandre leclerc, POKA's CEO testimonial with Nubik
Kim Blackburn, disher, testimonial with Nubik


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You will see “a day in the life of a Service Excellence Agent”.

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