Healthcare and Life Sciences

New opportunities for personalised care

With an ageing population and the increased prevalence of chronic diseases, the demand for healthcare outside of the hospital has never been greater. Thanks to the ubiquitousness of wireless technology and smart devices, including the Internet of Things, and the ability to capture patient data, to identify trends and to develop a holistic view, healthcare and life sciences organisations have a unique opportunity to take charge of the entire patient lifecycle, delivering targeted, personalised care to their patients.

“You can take charge of the entire patient lifecycle, thus fostering sustainable business growth”


Health Cloud

The leading platform for patient management powered by the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Service Cloud

The AI-powered service platform for providing a consistent, omnichannel patient experience.

Professional Services Automation

The complete solution from FinancialForce for resource and talent management, time and expenses, and billing.

Field Service Lightning

Leverage your Service Cloud data to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your field service personnel.

Community Cloud

The secure collaboration platform for employee productivity and patient satisfaction.

Financial Management

The complete solution from FinancialForce for accounting, billing, revenue recognition, and inventory management.


Mapping, routing, and territory management fully integrated with Salesforce. Track vehicles, healthcare personnel, and equipment.

App Cloud

Build and deploy advanced applications, hardware-free and worry-free, on Salesforce’s Platform as a Service.

Custom Application Development

Deploy cloud-based apps on Heroku or, integrating capabilities from leading software vendors.

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Here’s what we have to say.

It’s one thing to say ‘yes’ to cloud-based technologies for growth and another to formulate a plan to roll it out in a company.


Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

Nubik’s approach features a series of workshops where we jointly discover your unique business processes, challenges, and opportunities to leverage Digital technologies.

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At the end of the day, our experts will always be providing concise, actionable insights on how to move your organisation forward.

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Forward Thinking

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