Industry Solutions

Nubik offers cloud-based business solutions that address the strategic and tactical needs of a variety of different industry verticals.

Financial Services

Enhance customer satisfaction and grow share of wallet while addressing new market entrants; leverage artificial intelligence to even the playing field. LEARN MORE


Eliminate supply chain costs while enhancing your ability to innovate and meet competitive threats; optimize the procurement and payment cycles. LEARN MORE


Augment inventory management and logistical capabilities; automate configuration, pricing and quoting; transform customer support and field service activities. LEARN MORE

Professional Services

Optimise consultant productivity and effectiveness with automation and artificial intelligence that enhance the sales engagement and project delivery cycles. LEARN MORE


Integrate lead nurturing, customer relationship management, and financial management capabilities, including subscription revenues, across direct and indirect sales channels. LEARN MORE


Provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience; leverage artificial intelligence to proactively identify profitable opportunities and deliver differentiated solutions. LEARN MORE

Healthcare / Life Sciences

Deliver improved health outcomes; manage all aspects of the patient lifecycle, from acquisition onward; leverage artificial intelligence to develop and enhance key patient insights. LEARN MORE


Standardize and automate business processes to do more with less, while optimizing expense ratios; track donor commitments and automate nurturing of stakeholder relationships. LEARN MORE